Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Pictured from left to right are: Jeff Schreiter, New Path Foundation Board Director, Glen Newby, New Path Youth and Family Services CEO, Kimberly Greenwood, Barrie Police Services Chief and TELUS Community Board Grant Review Member, James Thomson, New Path Foundation President and CEO, Bill Macdonald, New Path Foundation Board Chair.

New Path Youth and Family Services was a recipient of a $5,000 grant, thanks to the TELUS Community Board in Barrie. This initiative allocates funding to community champions that support local youth.

“New Path is thrilled to be one of the recipients of a grant from the Telus Community Fund for Barrie. These funds will be used to support tutoring services four youth in our residential treatment program,” says James Thomson, New Path Foundation President and CEO. “Engagement in education is a key building brick for a successful transition to adulthood and Telus’ investment will ensure that we are able to fully support youth as they work towards their education goals.”

The TELUS Community Board grant program has 13 community boards in Canada and five community boards internationally. TELUS funds programs that best meet its vision and has a focus on enabling youth to succeed, aligns with the company’s interest in health, education or the environment, demonstrates technological innovation in program delivery and defines and measures social outcomes.

“Engaging our youth will provide successful future leaders within our communities. Promoting academic studies, tutoring and mentoring enhance educational goals and confidence with individuals,” says Chief Kimberley Greenwood, Barrie Police Service and TELUS Community Board Grant Review Member. “Development of long term support programs increase hope and builds a strong youth foundation.”

About the New Path Youth and Family Services Residential Treatment Program

New Path’s Residential Program is located on 25 acres in Cookstown and is home to youth, between the ages of 12 and 17, who are experiencing significant social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and who require an intensive 24 hour therapeutic setting. A typical residential placement ranges from 6-12 months. Over the past 5 years, New Path has consistently surpassed occupancy rates set by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

About New Path Youth and Family Services of Simcoe County

New Path Youth and Family Services of Simcoe County is a government supported, registered not for profit charitable organization. We are an accredited children’s mental health agency providing a range of innovative and accessible services for children, youth and their families throughout Simcoe County. We are the Lead Agency in Simcoe County for Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) committed to leading system change in the County. As Lead Agency, New Path seeks to enhance the experience and outcomes of children, youth and their families seeking assistance with mental health and wellness.

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About New Path Foundation

New Path Foundation is a public foundation with a volunteer board of directors which serves as a link between donors, charitable interests and the vital needs of community members. New Path Foundation develops and manages philanthropic investment and mobilizes community support directed to New Path Youth and Family Services, meeting the needs of children, youth and families.

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